At ALNO Kitchens, we offer you a variety of high quality appliances for the unique cooking experience, including award-winning German appliance brand Bauknecht, which is exclusive to ALNO Kitchens in the UK. We also work with other leading brands such as Neff, AEG, Electrolux, Siemens and Miele. We are able to design your dream kitchen and help you choose the perfect selection of appliances, anticipating all your individual requirements to bring your kitchen to life.

There are so many opportunities to celebrate and enjoy life, every single day. It is comforting to know that everything is ready so you can share all the pleasant things in life with family and friends.

More than any other room in the home, the kitchen combines sensual pleasures with functionality.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, enticing smells, the sounds of plates or pots and pans, delicious tastes - surely reason enough to furnish this room of well-being exactly as you want, with comfort, conveniences, love of detail and multifunctional technology.

Discover the legend...

Bauknecht offers a prestigious range of award-winning built-in appliances, including ovens, steamers, microwaves, warming drawers, cookerhoods, cooktops, refrigerators and dishwashers, which all ingeniously combine design and technology. The German national treasure in kitchen appliances since 1919, Bauknecht is the perfect match for ALNO Kitchens’s high-quality German kitchens.

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NEFF Appliances

The kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to meet and eat, to relax and get creative. Neff have built an extensive range of quality kitchen appliances for you.

Neff appliances make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure; anticipate all your needs and desires; marry innovation and design, style and versatility. Whatever you're doing in the kitchen, you'll find the perfect partner in your Neff appliance.

Siemens Appliances

Siemens has been at innovation's cutting edge for over 160 years. The end games is a collection of kitchen appliances that can be mixed and matched to suit your lifestyle. All of them offering a perfect balance between eye-catching design and innovative technology.

AEG Appliances

Advanced technology combined with style and award-winning design.

From leading the way with the world's first automatic washing machine in 1950, to pioneering the use of heat pump technology in tumble dryers; from designing the world's first 'green' range, to the first generation of induction hobs, AEG has been at the forefront of almost every kind of technology we take for granted in the home.

Miele Appliances

Unparalleled quality and impeccable craftsmanship are global benchmarks - the demand for products that meet these standards is universal.

Miele's new signature Culinart oven boasts enhanced specification and features designed to be the perfect oven for baking and roasting. The Miele SousChef, due to its consistent temperature control, has the ability to work as a slow cooker, offering you an extra cooking appliance within your kitchen. Miele Cooker Hoods offer not just beauty in their aesthetic design but are uncompromising in their form and function, ensuring you that perfect cooking environment.

Electrolux Appliances

All Electrolux design and product development is based on the philosophy of Thoughtful Design. This is a holistic approach, rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, where the aim is to develop and apply consumer insights into all aspects of the brand experience. It covers functionality, usability, touch & feel, visual appearance and the overall user experience throughout all aspects in the life of a product, from the moment a consumer starts to develop an interest, through to purchase, installation, usage and eventually disposal.

Design has to generate emotion and desire in the user, but it must also ensure that the rational/functional aspects of the user experience live up to the user's emotional and functional expectations.

ALNO Kitchens showrooms are equipped with working kitchens, helping you to choose the perfect appliances to fulfill your needs. Why not make one of our regular cooking demonstrations the highlight of your kitchen purchase?

The fantastic ALNO Kitchens Kitchen event in cooperation with various brands will give you the chance to see appliances in action and the opportunity to speak to expert Home Economists and experience the functionality and features of high quality products.

Ask your local showroom for upcoming events or visit our news page to find out about events near you.