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The Alno brand stands for uncompromised quality european kitchens and innovative design features.

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Each year ALNO develops kitchen ideas to keep with current trends. Please see here our offerings.


ALNO's lacquers are rich, and high-quality. They are a speciality at ALNO. The doors are sanded, lacquered then polished at least 5 times. This technique, which is used for lacquer laminate, lacquer, matt lacquer, and high-gloss textured lacquer produces a wonderfully smooth finish and incredible shine, rewarding you with a perfect look. All ALNO lacquer doors are easy to look after becuase they can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Scouring powder is not adviseable - you wouldn't use it on your car either? 


As one of ALNO'S most durable surfaces, Ceramic is used appropriately in building space-craft and microtechnology. ALNO is also one of the only companies that has made Ceramic fronts available to the market. For thousands of years, this recyclable natural product has been used wherever an aesthetic appearance and functionality are important. Modern manufacturing methods produce a highly homogeneous, hard material which make is resistant to high levels of heat. Fired at very high temperatures, the surface is food compatible, 100% resistant to UV light and extremely resistant to scratching and abrasion.


Glass Cabinets - What can we say about glass that you don’t already know? It is brilliant and easy to care for. We found this finish to be so fascinating that we have completely reinvented it for kitchens including AlnoArt Pro, AlnoSatina, AlnoVetrina and AlnoVera.

Edition Fly

Sweeping off the ground this kitchen style is not only practical as it raises off the floor but also give the appearance that the cabinets are floating.


Shining aesthetics - perfection takes time. This is why Alno requires a 5 work cycle to ensure the quality of its high-gloss lacquered finishes - this is what gives high-gloss lacquers their impressive gloss.

Real Wood

Nothing else resonates richness like warm real wood. All wood is sourced and dervied from sustainable forests. Alno emphasizes the importance of not only quality, but is sensitive to the environment.


Modern - every artist has his or her own form of expression. Every home bear's the architects very own signature. And for the people who live there it is an expression of thier lifestyle. So, the kitchen should be no exception.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood, also known as textured melamine is a robust synthetic material whose surface is made of a melamine resin.


Water resistant, made for use as an indoor / outdoor kitchen, ALNOINOX is the world’s only kitchen made practically all in steel. The company has a long tradition of producing the sleekest and most innovative design for years. Carcass and door fronts are all in steel creating an ultra-sleek, streamlined look, which is, not to mention, water resistant. Highly durable, this kitchen will last more than a lifetime.


In order to create tremendous things, we need  to reinterpret what already exists. To hold on to values and traditions, and yet redefine standard. At ALNO, we face up to this challenge every day anew. The result: exclusive kitchens that delight the senses as well as provide clever details. Workmanship is evident in every centimeter, and demonstrates all of the experience we have aquired over the course of almost 90 years.


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