August 23rd, 2016

ALNO AG has published its new kitchen models, door front styles for 2017. Several new door fronts have been added to the ALNO line of cabinetry. Here they are in Price Group Order from highest to lowest: 

PG 9 - ALNOFRAME (a traditional shaker style door) in 5 variations of real wood. Ivory Oak, Taupe Oak,  Shell Grey Oak, Graphite Oak,  York Oak. 

PG 9 - ALNOSTRUCT (veneer) in 2 combinations. Vintage Smoked Grey and Maroon. These doors have a knotted wood edge. *Available in STAR

PG 7 - ALNOVERA & ALNOVETRINA (glass) in Light Grey. *Available in STAR

PG 6 - ALNOBRIT - (lacquer) Available in 12 colors all in structured lacquer. Ultrawhite, White, Light Grey, Cashmere, Fango, Platinum Blue, Violettegrey, Steel Blue, Deep Blue, Graphite, Lime Green, Marsala. 

PG 6 - ALNOSHAPE (lacquer) (white no longer available, only ultra-white) Cashmere, Fango, Plantinum Blue, Violette Grey, Steel Blue, Deep Blue, Graphite, Lime Green, Marsala.

PG 4 - ALNOFINE & ALNOSUND (lacquer) added two new colors: Lime Green and Marsala. *Available in STAR 

PG 2 - ALNOPEARL - (lacquered laminate) Ultrawhite High-gloss. *Available in STAR

PG 2 - ALNOSOFT - (lacquered laminate) Ultrawhite matte. *Available in STAR

PG 2 - ALNODUR - (laminate) 2 new colors: Ferro Titan and Ferro Bronze. *Available in STAR

PG 1 - ALNOPLAN (melamine) Katthult (from the region of Scandinavia) Pine and Concrete Oxide. *Available in STAR

Several door styles have been discontinued. For a complete listing for both new products as well as discontinued, please contact Nathalie Birkenfeld at 305.576.2566.

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