Kitchen World Meets in Engers/Hiddenhausen, Germany

September 23rd, 2015 Posted by ALNO New York

Kitchen World Meets in Engers/Hiddenhausen, Germany The whole world of kitchens in one place.

At the “Kitchen Mile A30,” the ALNO Group is displayed its complete brand portfolio.

New design possibilities and absolute flexibility for kitchen planners available. Made in Germany: Quality and service of the highest level for retail partners and end-users.

Enger/Hiddenhausen, 09.19.2015 – ALNO AG is presented at the “Kitchen Mile A30” with combined brand power: ALNO, Wellmann, Pino, tielsa and ALNOINOX as well as the guest, Impuls Küchen GmbH. This trade show presewnted the Group’s strong innovative potential with new innovations. Each kitchen line offers something to appeal to customers which includes high-level functions, clever details, ingenious design and flexible planning possibilities.

With more than 22,000 industry visitors from Germany and beyond, the “Kitchen Mile A30” has grown over recent years into the world’s biggest specialist kitchen tradeshow for professionals from the retail and manufacturing sides. Under the auspices of the “Kitchen Mile,” the most important companies in the industry will be inviting guests to visit their in-house shows along the A30 motorway from September 19-25. For one week, this stretch of the Eastern Westphalia region became the world’s biggest kitchen mall – with ALNO AG right in the middle.

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Strong in the market by working together.

The brands of the ALNO Group are linked together by a mature partnership. At their 2015 DESIGN TOUR, they clearly showed how they stand shoulder to shoulder, and during the “Kitchen Mile A30” they were able to show off their 2016 product innovations together: The ALNO AG exhibition center in Enger/Hiddenhausen is one of the largest in the show with 70 kitchens in an area of 3,500 m2 . ALNO, Wellmann, Pino, ALNOINOX, tielsa and their guest, Impuls Küchen GmbH, presented solutions tailored to specific target groups running the whole gamut of kitchen possibilities – from the entry-level segment to the premium range.

Five brands under one roof

The ALNO brand has long since combined functional requirements and individual wishes – since 1927, kitchens from ALNO have embodied the highest quality, sensible innovations and award-winning design with the “Made in Germany” cachet.

Kitchens from Wellmann offer high-value products above the market average, while at the same time being situated in the most attractive market segment that enjoys the highest level of demand. Here, customers can find a broad bandwidth of planning possibilities and technical options.

Pino is demonstrating its expertise in the entry-level segment at the 2015 DESIGN TOUR – alongside flexible planning, this also includes fundamental functions of kitchens in higher price classes.

With the ALNOINOX brand, ALNO AG is catering for the most exacting requirements in terms of quality, function, design, innovative potential and lasting value. The stainless steel kitchens from the long-established, Forster Schweizer Stahlküchen, have a history stretching back over 50 years.

Tielsa has specialized in sensible solutions for the connected home – the expert for the kitchen as a living space combined state-of-the-art technology from various manufacturers to meet enhanced customer expectations. In the ALNO AG showroom, the five brands are presented under the strong roof of the ALNO Group.

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Quality and service of the highest level

ALNO stands for more than 85-years of passion for building kitchens – first-class material, skilled craftsmanship and technical precision are the building blocks of the brand’s success. Today, the corporation is one of Europe’s market leaders. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, the flexible planning options, practical solutions and the superior ALNO quality made-in-Germany. ALNO AG offers competent, comprehensive service from a single source at all times. The group is working on all levels to perfect its sequences and to keep on improving its own range of services for customers and partners. Consequently, it is continuously pushing ahead with its in-house quality and service campaign, and regularly evaluates all measures along the entire value-added chain. The impressive interim results confirm ALNO’s efforts to give of its best in all areas:

Every day, just under 300 employees in the customer service centres are available to answer questions about current projects and suggestions – every year, they receive 400,000 calls and immediate contact is established in more than 90% of all inquiries.

More than 2,000 specialist consultants and fitters are trained by the Group trainers every year – the majority of the differentiated training courses are held locally at the specialist retail partners all over the world.

The logistics evaluation indicates that ALNO achieves a magnificent punctuality rate of a 98% – just under 2.6 million cabinets were delivered on schedule in more than 32,000 containers during 2014.

ALNO leaves nothing to chance when it comes to guaranteeing its high quality standards: In 2014, 3500 laboratory hours were spent on checking materials for quality and safety. In addition, more than 1000 products audits were carried out in the plant, as well as “ramp audits” at the retailers.

You can rely on ALNO – in all areas. This is confirmed by retail partners and customers, just as much as by the experts on the juries of design and consumer prizes.

A triple award winner in 2015!

Three awards in this year alone confirm the outstanding performance achieved by ALNO in customer orientation and design – and they are only a few out of a long series of awards won by ALNO during its company history.

In March 2015, following wins in 2010?and?2013, ALNO won the Superbrands Germany Award 2014/2015, once again regarding ALNO as one of the outstanding German brands in the categories of brand dominance, brand acceptance, customer loyalty, confidence and durability.

ALNO picked up the German Design Award 2015 – Special Mention at the start of the year for its ALNOSHAPE / ALNOSUND product line and the trade show booth concept of “ONE THING’S FOR SURE: ALNO.” ALNO is in competition with the best in the design business to win the German Design Award.

The award chosen by members of the public, Kitchen innovation of the year 2015, is particularly important for ALNO. The consumer jury selected the ALNOSTAR SMARTLINE (since 1 September renamed at ALNOSTAR PLAN) in oxide grey for its “Excellent Product” award in the “Kitchen furniture and fittings” category. Initiative LifeCare is an independent organization and its prize sets the seal of quality on particularly consumer-friendly products in the categories of material composition, design and innovation.

Not least due to these qualities, the ALNOSTAR PLAN is amongst the nominees for the internationally highly regarded German Design Award 2016. The two other innovative products, ALNOVETRINA and ALNOCERA Concretto, have also been nominated.

For the developers and designers at ALNO, these awards are a magnificent confirmation of their achievements while also spurring them on to set new standards in the future too with innovative design quality and progressive technologies.

Trade show visitors can experience the complete brand world of ALNO AG during the “Kitchen Mile A30” at the showroom in Enger/Hiddenhausen.


About ALNO AG:

ALNO AG is one of Germany’s leading kitchen manufacturers, with a staff of around 2,100 employees. From its six international production sites the corporation provides a full range of kitchens to both the German and international markets. In addition to the core ALNO brand the ALNO Group also owns the brands Wellmann, Pino as well as Piatti and Forster Schweizer Stahlküchen or ALNOINOX. The ALNO Group operates in more than 64 countries worldwide with over 6,000 sales partners. In financial year 2014, the company recorded sales revenue of 546 million euros. Around 52 per cent of this revenue was generated abroad.

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