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July 7th, 2015

Kitchen innovation of the year 2015

Alno AG has won the audience award for “ALNOSTAR SMARTLINE” in the consumer competition “Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2015” by the LifeCare Initiative organization. Smartline has been selected as, “Excellent product” in the category for “Kitchen furniture and fixtures.” “To us, this award confirms the innovativeness of the ALNO brand,” says Berthold Müller, Head of Product Development at ALNO AG. The award by the independent initiative LifeCare organization is a quality seal for products that are particularly consumer-appropriate, and acknowledges the ALNOSTAR SMARTLINE kitchen in the categories for material characteristics, design and innovation. The annual presentation of the “Kitchen Innovation of the Year” consumer award is intended to highlight products that are especially consumer-friendly, and by doing so provide specific help and support when making a purchase decision. The winners of the award are chosen by a jury of experts and consumers. This two-level process is what makes the “Kitchen Innovation of the Year” such a special award. And the fact that the award is consumer-based makes it an internationally recognized and valued quality seal.

German Design Award 2015

The ALNO product line ALNOSHAPE / ALNOSUND and the ALNO trade fair stand concept “EINS STEHT FEST: ALNO” [“ONE THING´S CERTAIN: ALNO”] received the “German Design Award 2015 – Special Mention” in the presentation in February 2015. ALNO can certainly hold its own in this competition with the best names in the design scene. Well-known manufacturers compete against each other in the categories “Home Interior” and “Excellent Communications Design.” The international premium award is presented annually by the German Design Council. It goes to top-caliber products and projects in the field of product and communication design, all of which are pioneers, in their own way, in the German and international design landscape. The aim of the German Design Award is to discover, present and acknowledge unique design trends. Due to the high quality of the field of entrants, the Design Council also presents an additional award, the “Special Mention”. This award goes to works in designs that include particularly clever aspects or solutions, making it a designation that acknowledges and honors the commitment of companies and designers. The two product lines ALNOBRIT and ALNOPRIME were also nominated for the German Design Award 2015.

GermanDesignAwardLewe Innovation

Superbrands 2014/2015

The ALNO brand received the Superbrand Germany Award 2014/2015, its most recent award, in March 2015. This means that, following on from 2009/2010 and 2012/2013, the company is again one of the outstanding German brands in the categories brand prominence, brand acceptance, customer loyalty, goodwill and durability. The high-caliber jury of independent marketing specialists from the fields of science, industry, agencies, universities and the media considered a total of 1250 brands, 51 of which were ultimately named the “Best German Brand.” The international brand seal is used as a benchmark in the evaluation of strong brands, and is intended as an aid to orientation for the consumer. Superbrands is an independent worldwide organization that is based in London. For 20 years, Superbrands has been honoring and presenting awards to the best and strongest products and company brands in more than 85 countries. The primary aim is not one of brand “ranking”, but to highlight and acknowledge the most excellent brands of a particular country, its achievements and performances in a unique way. The organization is held in the highest esteem all over the world. And because the organization is active globally, achievement of Superbrands status provides a unique boost to the receiving company´s national and international image.

One thing is certain: each of these awards will encourage ALNO to continue to set standards with its innovative design quality and progressive technology in the future.

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