Single Family Residences

Planning a new kitchen is a very detailed process that needs to be thoughtfully designed, ordered, delivered and installed.

All of Alno’s kitchen and other cabinetry are manufactured to order from our plant located in Pfullendorf, Germany near the Lake Constance region bordering Switzerland.

Alno AG, founded in Europe in 1927, established its United States operation more than 40 years ago and now is becoming the single largest exporter of fitted cabinetry worldwide. All of our dealerships liaise directly with the factory in Germany – we are not the ‘middlepersons.’

Alno offers versatility and a vast array of design options, combined with a level of quality and pricing that no other kitchen and cabinetry company can match. Also, our factory carries an extensive stock of standard replacement parts, lights and accessories.

We believe that our experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of kitchen, bathroom , office and closet cabinetry mean that we have an opportunity to provide you with a level of service that is uncommon in our industry.

Our showrooms are staffed by professional, factory-trained designers – experienced individuals that have already reached one of their objectives of their careers – that of working with Alno products.

We, as both individuals and as a company, value our relationships with other professionals most highly. Therefore, we have developed a special program that allows you to benefit from our expertise without losing your own creative control.

We start by breaking down the design process into a number of individual stages. Our involvement can commence at any point in stages 1 and 2, depending on the level to which you have taken you own design ideas.

It is very helpful to start by taking a look at your personal lifestyle, your preferences and the overall design of your home. Ask yourself, what you like and dislike about your present kitchen and if the change may require additional building work.

  • Is your kitchen in a separate room and you would like to change it to an open plan living are?
  • What are the major activities performed in your kitchen?
  • Are you left or right-handed?

All of the above can has an impact on the aesthetics and ergonomics of your kitchen.

Stage 1 – Pre-Consultation

We are always happy to review your ideas and plans with you or your designer before making a concrete decision. If you desire, we will produce a preliminary design layout for your to incorporate into your initial proposals. Alternatively, we can provide you with a review of your initial layout ideas. As part of this consultation, always ask your Alno designer to update you on the latest, up-to-date appliances and specifications if you need additional information on this.

Stage 2 – Project Meeting

Your designer will meet you and your client at the Alno showroom. At this stage, we concentrate on discussing layout and features to be included in the kitchen, bathroom or cabinetry for your other living space. Of course, part of the selection process which includes door fronts, handles and accessories will be examined and discussed in detail. We will also flesh out appliances, countertops and backsplashes/wall panels that you will select. This will provide the basis for our initial cost estimate. Some design matters to be considered are Food Storage, Preparation or Mis en Place Cooking and Ventilation and Clean-up and Storage

Stage 3 – Design Presentation

This stage can include a pre-presentation to you or your designer. The choice is yours and will probably depend on the project and client involved. The full meeting with you will again take place in the Alno showroom where, at this time, we will provide a suggested layout and offer certain design alternatives for consideration. A full floor plan will have been prepared for your review. We will also present your client with a cost estimate for their consideration. There is no fee for this service.

Stage 4 – Full Design Proposal and Quotation

In order for us to proceed to this stage we will request a design retainer form your client (or yourself, if preferred). The amount of the retainer depends on the project and your Alno designer will be happy to tell you the design fee we would request at any point in Stages 1 through 3. The design retainer is a sign of commitment and does not reflect the amount of work involved. For this reason, we do not release plans until Stage 5, when an order has been placed. Please note that the amount of the design retainer is fully allowed against the final cost of the project.

If possible, the Alno designer will carry our own site survey and measure in order to confirm dimensions and check for water and power supplies. The designer will prepare a full plan reflecting any changes discussed at the design meeting. We will also produce full elevations, and a priced quotation for supply for all cabinets. Countertops, appliances and sinks are also available through us at competitive prices allowing you and your client to enjoy the benefits of one-stop shopping. We also provide a full cabinet installation service using our factory trained installers or can work with an independent contractor. These plans will be presented at the Alno showroom in a further design meeting and any further changes will be agreed upon and incorporated into the specification until a final agreed plan is prepared.

Stage 5 – ORDERING

The final specifications will be agreed and confirmed in a form of contract. Plans will also be signed and a full set of the plans and specifications will be provided to you and the client. Further copies can be provided without charge. At this time, ordering will also provide you with scheduled delivery date.


Our involvement in the project is really now just beginning! We will maintain in close contact with you and with any General Contractor, Designer or Architect we are working with to ensure that the site readiness is progressing according to plans. If Alno is also procuring appliances for your project, we will produce electrical and plumbing plans for other contractors as necessary, taking into account our cabinet positions and the specific appliance requirements. We normally make at least one site visit prior to scheduling delivery to ensure site readiness.


We schedule delivery in accordance with site preparedness. Alno cabinets and kitchen appliances represent a significant investment so we will not deliver until they are ready to be installed. Installation is organized by our Installations Manager in consultation with the Alno designer and construction supervisor.


We pride ourselves on the level of service we offer. If we have supplied the appliances we register them for warranty purposes in the client’s name. All appliance manuals are presented to the client in a near organized file complete with a list of contract numbers for warranty service and the appliance serial numbers. The kitchen and other spaces we provide cabinetry for will be left clean, and ready to use. The client will be requested to sign a note of satisfaction upon completion.